Aftercare Program

Buch Family Of Funeral Homes Aftercare Program

We have developed our Aftercare Program to assist families in dealing with the myriad of matters that must be taken care of following a death. Settling our loved ones’ personal affairs can often be a confusing and stressful process. We offer you helpful information regarding: Social Security, Veterans Administration, Life Insurance and more.



ODiana Rymar - Aftercare Specialistur Aftercare Specialist, Diana Rymar, assists families after services. She is trained to answer questions and offer assistance in dealing with not only the emotional challenges of a loss, but the practical matters that must be addressed following a death.


A few weeks after the funeral services, Diana will check in with you soon to see how you are doing and if there is anything you need. You will also be given a complimentary remembrance gift, reference materials and resources that will help you in the weeks and months to come as you prepare for the next phases of life and settle personal affairs.


Our Aftercare Program is designed to help you through this next difficult season in your life. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at any time, we are here to help.




The journey through grief can sometimes seem like a lonely road, but you’re not alone.  We can direct you to support groups in our area and offer you insightful resources, materials, and tools to help you get back on the road to healing.



Circle of Friends is a completely free service to anyone in our community experiencing grief.  You won’t be overwhelmed by more information than you need – you will receive just the right amount at the right time. The Circle of Friends regularly publishes emails and newsletters that offer hope on your journey through the wilderness of grief. Loss is not something we “get over” in a few weeks or months . . . it is a process, and a wound that may never heal completely.

Paul L. Gardner, Supervisor
21 West Main Street
(717) 653-4371

Aaron S. Abbott, Supervisor
21 Market Square
(717) 665-4341

Theodore J. Beck, Supervisor
216 South Broad Street
(717) 626-2464

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