Common Questions

Common Questions

At the Buch Family of Funeral Homes our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make informed choices. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers, so that you can begin to decide what services will best suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have. We will be happy to answer your inquiries without cost or obligation.

With a traditional funeral service, is a burial container or vault required?

No. The only requirement is that the body be in a simple container. However, if burial is requested, most cemeteries require an outer vault be used in conjunction with the container. Vaults are required because they help maintain the integrity of the grave by preventing sinking of the ground.

Is embalming required?

Embalming is not always required. In the case of direct burial or cremation, when no services are held, embalming is not necessary.

Can we have a viewing and/or service with cremation?

Absolutely, you have all the same choices as with a traditional funeral. You can choose to hold a viewing, religious ceremony, visitation and a gathering after the ceremony. You may also choose to hold a memorial service after the cremation.

Does the family need to provide casket bearers?

Our funeral home is more than willing to provide casket bearers, however, most families like to use relatives & friends to participate in the service.

Does a casket have to be purchased with cremation?

No, it is not necessary to purchase a casket, when you select cremation. However, for sanitary reasons and ease of handling, a cremation container is necessary. Simple cremation containers are available at a minimal cost. If a viewing and/or religious ceremony is planned prior to cremation, a variety of cremation caskets, designed specifically for this purpose, are also available.

Do we need to purchase an urn or urn vault with cremation?

If the remains are not going to be buried, it is not necessary to purchase and urn or urn vault. Family members may provide the funeral home with a suitable container of their own selection.

What happens if I die away from home?

The Buch Family of Funeral Homes is a part of a professional network of licensed funeral directors. Should someone die, while away from home, contact us immediately. No matter where the person died, we will be able to make arrangements for the return of the body and all other necessary details.

Is it okay for children to attend viewings and funerals?

Depending on their age and their relationship with the deceased, it can be helpful for children to attend the services. By attending, children are given the opportunity to say goodbye to someone they love. Funerals and viewings also allow children to start the grieving process. If in doubt, simply explain to the child what will happen at the services and ask them if they would like to go.

What government benefits are available to families when a death occurs?

Families may be eligible for Social Security benefits. Widows and widowers are eligible for benefits at age 65 (or reduced benefits at age 60). Unmarried children up to 18 years of age may also receive benefits. In addition, a divorced spouse, after 10 years of marriage may qualify. We recommend you contact your local Social Security office for full details. Families of veterans are also eligible for benefits from the government. Benefits can include burial allowances, grave markers and monthly survivor benefits. We recommend that you contact the local Veteran's Administration office for complete information.

Can you arrange military honors for our family?

Yes. If the deceased is a veteran we can make arrangements for burial in a veteran's cemetery, grave markers, attendance of a military honor guard and other veteran's benefits that the deceased may qualify for.

Can you make arrangements if I would like to donate my body to science?

Yes, we can transfer the body to the funeral home while donation arrangements are finalized. In addition, we will transport the body to a Humanity Gifts facility within 50 miles of the funeral home.

What type of follow-up services will you provide?

At the Buch Family of Funeral Homes we have a complete Aftercare Program to assist families in dealing with the myriad of matters that must be taken care of following a death. Our specially trained Aftercare Specialist will guide you through the legal and financial details after a death. We will also provide you with an Aftercare Booklet, which is filled with important information to help you after the funeral.

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