Our History


Our funeral home has a unique history and has always been committed to forming relationships and working within the communities we serve.

1861 – John R. Henninger entered the undertaking business during the period of the Civil War.

1878 - N.C. Henninger, son of John R. Henninger, came to New Holland and worked for Robert Culbertson, a New Holland, PA undertaker. He took over the business in 1885.

1891 - J.C. Henninger, son of N.C. Henninger, first worked for a number of years with his father. After working for a Philadelphia undertaker, he started his own business in Ephrata in 1893. Four years later he returned to assist his father in New Holland and continued the business after his father’s passing in 1909.

1924 - J.C. Henninger asks his son-in-law, Edgar O. Beck Sr., to join the family business. Edgar takes over the business in 1935, but is killed in a tragic automobile accident shortly after.

1935 - Following his son-in-law’s accident, J.C. Henninger takes over the business again until his death in 1938. After J.C.’s death, Edgar O. Beck Sr.’s wife, Esther, attends mortuary school in Philadelphia. She must leave the school two months prior to graduating, due to a family illness. At this time, J.C. Henninger’s wife decides to sell the business to William Sullivan, who operates the home for two years. Mr. Sullivan then closes the New Holland location to open a new funeral home in Lancaster.

1952 - Twelve years later, Edgar O. Beck Jr., opens a new funeral home in New Holland.

1982 - Edgar’s son Theodore J. “Ted” Beck receives his license as a funeral director and works as a licensed funeral director for the Long Funeral Home in Bethlehem.

1984 - Ted Beck leaves Bethlehem to start his career in Manheim with the Buch Funeral Home.

1988 - Ted Beck and John Buch purchase and take over Heilig Funeral Home to add a second location to the Buch Family of Funeral Homes.

1992 - On January 1, 1992, Ted Beck purchases the Buch Funeral Home Corporation from John Buch.

2016 - Ted Beck and Aaron Abbott purchase the Richard H. Heisey Funeral Home creating the third location in the Buch Family of Funeral Homes – the Buch~Heisey Funeral Home and Cremation Services. In September, 2016, the funeral home name was changed to Buch Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc. 

Paul L. Gardner, Supervisor
21 West Main Street
(717) 653-4371

Aaron S. Abbott, Supervisor
21 Market Square
(717) 665-4341

Theodore J. Beck, Supervisor
216 South Broad Street
(717) 626-2464

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