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Honoring the Memories of a Lifetime

"When you are planning a funeral, personalizing the ceremony should be a priority. Think about the special qualities of the person who died and what he or she meant to others. Consider his or her passions, hobbies, pastimes, likes, dislikes. How can you capture this unique life? Be as creative as you, together with your family, friends, funeral director, and the person who will lead the service, brainstorm how to remember and honor the person who died."
Dr. Alan Wolfelt - Funerals: A Consumer's Guide

Click here to download a PDF of the 16-page A Consumers Guide

Meaningful Funerals
A meaningful funeral is a personalized funeral, one that is a tribute to the life that's been lived, not the death that's occurred. Families better cope with the pain of death by involving themselves in the planning of meaningful tributes to their loved ones.

Planning the funeral of a loved one is never easy. Take a moment to reflect on these questions. They can help organize your thoughts and allow you to plan a more personal, meaningful ceremony. As Eda LaShan said, "Nothing can help us face the unknown future with more courage and optimism than remembering the glory moments, and everybody has a few of them."