Funny Tombstones Memorialize a Sense of Humor

During the 19th century, Victorians began adding artwork and symbols to tombstones to pay tribute to the lives of loved ones. Over the years, people have explored different ways to memorialize the deceased. Some have even displayed their sense of humor in stone. Here are a few examples of people who wanted folks to have a good laugh when visiting their grave.


The last witty comment. Having the last laugh.
Regretting your final decision. The man who is best known
as the voice of Bugs Bunny.
Putting a new meaning to “I will
take that recipe to my grave."

“Don’t turn that off! I’m just resting my eyes.”

A man with four daughters.

Just being honest.

“This ain’t so bad.”

Well-known game show host’s final goodbye.

Paul L. Gardner, Supervisor
21 West Main Street
(717) 653-4371

Aaron S. Abbott, Supervisor
21 Market Square
(717) 665-4341

Theodore J. Beck, Supervisor
216 South Broad Street
(717) 626-2464

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