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June 2015

Honoring the Memories of a Lifetime

June 2015 - Around The Town Enewsletter

Lincoln Funeral Train Commemorates 150th Anniversary Of Assassination

Mesoloft Will Take Loved Ones Ashes To The Edge Of Space

Veteran’s Benefits – Know What’s Available


Lincoln Funeral Train Commemorates
150th Anniversary Of Assassination!

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, one of the darkest days in American history.
Not long before his death in April 1865, the United States Military Railroad delivered what was the equivalent of today’s Air Force One for the President – a private railroad car designed for his safe travel throughout the country. Unfortunately, the train, named The United States, was never used by the President while he was alive.

After the assassination, The United States was modified to serve as a funeral car so that Lincoln’s body could travel from Washington, D.C. to his final resting place in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Over 12 days, the train travelled 1,600 miles through more than 160 communities.

Formal funerals were held in 12 major cities and impromptu memorial services were held all along the train’s route. The funeral train car - and the enormous outpouring of sympathy along the way - illustrates the importance our country places on grieving for public figures. Much like John F. Kennedy’s horse-drawn journey to Arlington Cemetery after his assassination, the train gave Americans a chance to pay their respects.

The original train car was lost in a Minnesota fire in 1911. Recently, a group of dedicated historians spent nearly five years building an exact replica of the train car.

The Historic Railroad Equipment Association is recreating the last journey of President Lincoln, and travelling to events and schools interested in learning more about our 16th president.  Organizers are using the train as an opportunity to revisit Lincoln’s legacy and emphasize his importance in history.  

For more information on the train and where you can visit it go to:


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Mesoloft Will Take Loved Ones Ashes To The Edge Of Space

For those who are considering cremation, there are multiple options for creative scattering of the ashes. While many people choose to have their ashes scattered in a favorite place, others prefer to be more inventive. A new company, Mesoloft, is offering what may be the most intriguing idea yet.

Mesoloft launches a flight into the atmosphere and then releases the ashes once the craft has reached 17 miles in the air, a part of the stratosphere known as near space. According to Mesoloft co-founder Chris Winfield, “We know that the ashes will likely travel for months and possibly years as they get carried by currents in the upper atmosphere. The ashes eventually descend and settle all around the globe. Moisture adheres to ashes that pass through clouds and the ash will form the nucleus of a raindrop or snowflake.”

Inspired, in part, by the way volcanic ash and dust from the Sahara desert travels the globe, the company developed a special container with a trap door that is attached to a weather balloon and a frame holding two GoPro cameras. The weather balloon carries the ashes to the stratosphere where they are released via a GPS trigger. The family can view the ascent on a special website and is also given a video of the flight.

Services for this heavenly scattering begin at $2,800 with the most common launch sites in New Mexico, Indiana and Colorado. The company will also tailor launches based on specific requests.


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Veteran’s Benefits – Know What’s Available

Buch Funeral Home is honored to assist families of the brave Americans who have served our country. Please be sure to notify us of your loved one’s military service, so that they can be properly honored and receive the veteran’s benefits they are entitled to.  

Every honorably discharged veteran is entitled to one U.S. flag, provided by the VA. The flag is typically displayed inside the casket during visitation and draped over the casket during travel to the cemetery or displayed with the cremation urn.

In addition to a U.S. flag, the following are other important veterans’ benefits:


Free Death Certificates - In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, free certified copies of the death certificate are available for the veteran, spouse or dependent child of the veteran.


Presidential Memorial Certificate - This certificate, designed to honor a deceased veteran with an honorable discharge, is signed by the sitting President of the United States at the time of the application.


Military Funeral Honors - This ceremony consists of two members of the armed forces who will fold the flag, play Taps, and present the flag to the designated next of kin.  


Burial in a National Cemetery - For the most part, any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for burial in a national cemetery. If approved, the grave space, outer burial container, headstone or marker and interment fees are provided free of charge for the veteran, spouse and dependent children.


Headstone or Marker - Honorably discharged veterans are entitled to an inscribed headstone or marker to mark their grave at any cemetery. For burial in a private cemetery, the marker is delivered at no cost. However, most cemeteries will charge for the foundation and installation of the veteran's headstone or marker.
Federal Monetary Benefits - A veteran may qualify for additional federal benefits, if they meet one of the requirements at the time of death including: that they were receiving disability benefits from the Veteran's Administration; that the death occurred in a V.A. Hospital or the V.A.’s designated healthcare facility; that they died during active duty or as a result of a service-connected injury. If any of these requirements are met, a veteran may receive up to a maximum of $2,000. The final benefits can not be determined by the Veteran’s Administration until the claims have been submitted and reviewed.

Depending upon the deceased veteran’s county of residence, additional county benefits may apply. Our staff will assist you in making sure that you are aware of any programs that may benefit your family.


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