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Honoring the Memories of a Lifetime

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October 2016 Issue

Cremation: The Biggest Trend In The Funeral Industry

Memories of a Lifetime” Program Offers Holiday Grief Support

Navigating The Art Of Condolences

Our History


June 2016 Issue

Planning For Your Digital Afterlife

Grief: It’s Not Just Emotional

History Of Funeral Flowers


February 2016 Issue

Lititz Funeral Home Joins The Buch Funeral Family

A Brief History of the Buch~Heisey Funeral Home

Milanof-Schock Library Offers Program on the Civil War

Handling the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Passing

Paul Gardner Named President of Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce


October 2015 Issue

Memories of a Lifetime” Program Offers Holiday Grief Support

How Photos And Video Can Help The Grieving Process

Cell Phone Etiquette

Misconceptions About Grief

Paul Gardner To Be President of Mount Joy Library Board


June 2015 Issue
Lincoln Funeral Train Commemorates 150th Anniversary Of Assassination

Mesoloft Will Take Loved Ones Ashes To The Edge Of Space

Veteran’s Benefits – Know What’s Available


February 2015 Issue
The Importance of Rituals

Grief in the Workplace

Circle Of Friends Provides Support

How The Millennial Generation Deals With Loss


June 2014 Issue

Funeral Webcasting Services Now Available

Frank Rittenhouse Has Manheim Community At Heart

The Facts About Organ Donation

Grief And Sibling Rivalry


March 2014 Issue

Protecting Your Assets by Pre-Planning

Are Email Or Online Condolence Messages OK?

Companioning – Bearing Witness To Grief